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Keith Wade





  I started my career in film photography, which trained me to be very deliberate in my shooting. With film you can’t just keep shooting, you are limited to how many pictures you can take per roll.   You have to truly value the picture you are taking and be intentional in your shooting. Since joining the digital world my original focus hasn’t changed. Capturing memories to last a lifetime remains my goal. I want you to look at your pictures and be transported back to that very moment.

  I choose not to limit myself to one genre or style. I love to capture the special moments in life for my clients – from weddings, lifestyle, couples, families, portraits, fashion, and pinup. Creating a world of memories for you and your family is what I strive to provide. When you look at my photos, its more than just a picture...I capture a story, a feeling, a moment. I am looking forward to sharing your moment in time. 

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